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Mark Turansky’s Choice Process program throws out negative words like “CAN’T” and “HAVE TO” and takes you on an empowering, personal journey to freedom!  There is a cure for addiction; you can be FREE!!!
“From pain comes purpose, and Mark Turansky writes with purpose.  Using these principles, overcoming addiction is not only possible but achievable! Your best life lies within you, and you can achieve all God designed for you.  With His strength and these principles, your life can start this very moment!”  
Pastor Wayne Codeiro, New Hope Oahu

“Figure it, Face it, Fix it is an efficient and effective alternative to the 12-Step program.  It is written as a casual, heart-to-heart conversation between Mark Turansky and anyone suffering from compulsive and addictive behaviors.  If you need tools to help you break free of old patterns that no longer serve you, let Mark help you to figure it out, face the root issues, and fix your thinking so that you can be proud of who you are and how you behave”  
Sunny Massad, Ph.D., author of UnTherapy

“Mark Turansky has a refreshing approach which engages the reader and is very user friendly.  His book takes what research has found, translates it into lay language and has created an intervention which is easily understood and simple to implement.  It takes the mystery out of addiction and puts the reader in the driver’s seat.  Finally, a book that respects those with addictions as human beings, capable of making decisions and understanding recovery as being up to the individual – with the tools Mark has provided.  I can see this approach being useful for many of life’s dilemmas.  The simple sentence and life approach he gives provides a way of getting through the tough times in life while growing in one’s spirituality and understanding and achieving “wholeness” and that sense of one’s true, and beautiful self.  Mark has masterfully laid out the steps that many, over the years, have “confounded” with psychological and research terms that very few would relate to nor understand.  Mark’s book even provides the path to go deeper with a mentor or professional to support along the way.   It’s a must read book that chips away at the stigma society has created around these wonderful, talented, bright and loving people.” Lisa Cook, LSW, ACSW, CSAPA Executive Director. Kū Aloha Ola Mau Treatment Center Oahu

“The Choice Process, so simply and straightforwardly laid out in Mark's book, gives real hope of moving beyond "managing" addiction to truly being free from it. Not to be confused with a "12-step-type" program, it takes CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to new heights and can be easily applied to all types of unwanted or ineffective behaviors. Lack of judgment toward those who can benefit from the process and "the cycle of deprivation" are two major components that I believe will really resonate with readers. I have already begun using it in my own work.”Michele Rockett, MSSW, LSW, therapist


"I wish I could tell the world about this program.” 

"The curriculum is fresh, exciting and empowering”

“I recommend this program
because it is a totally different approach and I should know since I have been in and out of treatment programs for the past 8 years.”

“Thank you Mark.  You have saved lives.” 

“I went to church to find recovery and didn’t find it, I never thought I would go to recovery and end up finding church.” 

“I have not felt this healthy and happy in years.”

" If you seriously want to change or get better and you are ready to work to get better, this program is the program for you.”

"The New Horizons program is what I would recommend to others. Thank you Mark for everything, everything!!

"The New Horizons Choice Process was real and honest and I finally feel free.”

“This program is very practical – it’s about the nuts and bolts of dealing with addictions.

​“As a person who has been in and out of treatment, I can say that this approach will be the “cure” for addiction that everyone has been waiting for.”

*Names have not been included to protect the client’s privacy 

Welcome to Figure it, Face it & Fix it

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